Welcome to the  London Mistresses, the number one Domme directory for pain and pleasure in the capital. We offer a comprehensive list of  Professional Mistresses applying their whip in the London area.  Search for your Dominatrix by location, post code area or by BDSM activity.


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Welcome to our site, the number one professional Domme directory for pain and pleasure in our fair capital. This site is for all you subs, slaves, pets and sluts looking for a London Mistress to serve and obey; to have her use you as she pleases and for you to grovel a thank you at the honor of being her 'entertainment' for a few precious hours of her time.


Mistresses in London

Finding a Mistress in London is not very hard as there are more Professional Mistreses in London then anywhere else in the UK. However finding the right Mistress in London is a different story as each Mistress brings to the table a different style and set of eye watering skills.


London Mistress Specialities

Perhaps you like capital punishment and enjoy being whipped and caned while tied up with restraints. This can range from severe to light, it is possible to be scarred and yet also to leave unmarked. These London Dommes are professional for a reason and extremely skilled with their implements.


Perhaps you are after humiliation, to be insulted and reminded where you belong: the feet of your beautiful, dominant mistress. Spat at, slapped, publicly humiliated, even blackmailed for your sins. Perhaps you need to be transformed into a women wearing tight red knickers, black stilettoes, lipstick and a wig and serve your mistress like the sissy you are.


Other seek to explore fetishes: feet, shoes, gloves, leather, latex and pvc. Imagine being encased in tight rubber and hung in suspension, a tight gas mask over your face with a tube to breath through, controlled by Mistress of course! The excitement and adrenaline of being totally helpless, a rubber toy for any London Mistress's pleasure.


Maybe you wish to explore the joys of anal play. The erotica of being slowly penetrated by Mistress, first a finger, then a dildo, next a strap on deep into your arse as you stand fixed and strapped so you can't move a muscle. A tight ball gag muffles your cries of pain as Mistress reaches for the next size up, and the next, and finally a fisting as your Mistress reaches right inside you, all you can do is close your eyes and prey. 


So come inside the London Mistresses!

Now you are here you can't turn back world of fetish and bdsm awaits you! Have a look at our gallery and we are sure you will find your dream London Mistress just waiting for you to contact her. If you are a first timer don't worry we have all been there and if you are still nervous why not check out our novice section for extra advice and reassurance. Remember life is a daring adventure or nothing at all!